WM5G 2nd Event Series | Manufacturing – Your Digital Journey

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Starts 1 Dec 09:00

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2nd Series of events & workshops to help SMEs & larger companies develop their digital capabilities

WM5G hosts a brand-new programme to support both SME and larger-scale manufacturers on their digital-powered digital journey to greater productivity. *Fully funded for qualifying SMEs

Manufacturers of the future need to work more quickly and efficiently, with increased reliance on their digital networks to drive productivity – all while driving down costs and enhancing revenue. This is why digitalisation for manufacturers is vital for the future growth of the sector.

We want to support manufacturers on their digital journey and help them adopt digitalisation to drive success and true productivity.

This is why we’ve developed Manufacturing – The Digital Journey. This has been designed to support manufacturers in understanding and adopting digital technology that will drive true productivity improvements and power post-pandemic recovery.

Split into five stages, manufacturers can join us at the step in the journey which is most closely aligned with their current experience with 5G and other digital capabilities, ensuring that information provided is relevant and they’re getting the most appropriate level of support.

Each step of the Manufacturing – The Digital Journey is tailored towards manufacturers’ individual experience and capabilities, from a Digital Novice to a Digital Disruptor.

Use case session – Wednesday 1st December

  • What is digitalisation and what use case are the main ones that apply to my business?

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Strategy Session – Wednesday 8th December

  • We will work with you to scope your long-term view of your Digitalisation Strategy and where to focus on first.

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Explore Session – Wednesday 8th December 

  • You have completed the first steps on your innovation journey, Now is the right  time to understand what options are available to you.

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Network Session – Tuesday 14th December

  • Learn about Digital Networks and their component’s; de-mystified Information Management Systems (InfoSys)

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People Session – Thursday 16th December

  • How to ensure your people are brought along the digital journey with you

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