5G Network-as-a-service

Supplier directory for 5G Innovation Trials in the UK

We want to provide a simple method so suppliers can publicise their offer to potential 5G trialists. The overall aim is to increase efficiency in building effective 5G innovation trials within the UK.

DCMS, working through UK5G, recognises that many organisations considering an application-orientated trial can be confused by the complexity of the technology supply chain, and indeed may not need to build a specific network testbed but could share access to an existing one.  Equally, many vendors and Mobile Network Operators are being asked to provide similar services against multiple projects.

A potential solution is to encourage and support 5G testbeds and trials through a shared model where trial projects simply subscribe to a 5G service provided by one or more suppliers.  And, to be clear, supplier involvement in many potential innovation projects can range from being a full participating consortium member of the project (for which often match funding applies) to being an arms-length commercial supplier of goods or services.

UK5G is therefore asking organisations who wish to make their 5G shared testbed services available to provide a short summary of their offer. You can do this by downloading the form, and returning it to suppliersdirectory@uk5g.org

There is no charge for this service, but also note that UK5G is not warranting, or involving itself in commercial aspects of services in any way, and no pricing information will be displayed.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact hello@uk5g.org

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