Will 5G cost me more or save me money?

Posted by Sophia Donovan-Spalding

From a consumer perspective, will I end up paying more than I currently am on 4G to access 5G? I've read that phones might cost more, and I imagine if 5G is better then my contract bills will go up!


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Posted by Sophia Donovan-Spalding | 1 reply
  • 5G could potentially cost more but it's very dependent on the operators and their pricing plans - and the level of competition in the 5G space!

    5G phones will inherently be more complicated than previous generations. They will need the capability to connect to the larger number of frequency bands currently on the table. In some areas, 5G may even replace WiFi as the de facto standard for indoor low mobility which means that 5G modems may be incorporated into laptops and tablets in the near distant future.

    On the plus side, a new report from mobile operator O2 has claimed that future 5G networks could save UK households £450 a year on energy, council and food bills.

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