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Posted by Ceren Clulow

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Nottinghamshire County Council is interested in a project focused on trialing 5G technology in Sherwood Forest, testing virtual and augmented reality on tour buses and connecting visitors to the tourist attractions in Nottinghamshire. The use of a dedicated bus (Sherwood Forester network) is envisaged that would see travel between the main bus corridors and attractions. Therefore I am looking at opportunities for a collaboration to submit a bid for the Rural Connected Communities 5G Testbeds and Trials competition. Please get in touch via or 01159772822 if you want to have a discussion. 


I am looking forward to hearing from you. 

Many thanks

Ceren (pronounced as Jeren)


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Posted by Ceren Clulow | 2 replies
  • Mark Newman
    Chief Analyst

    Hi Ceren. I am submitting this response more as an interested observer than a potential partner. I am interested in knowing how you see the specific benefits of connectivity for the services that you are looking to trial. It sounds from your post that you would want to have the buses themselves connected to 5G. Is that right? So, you would be seeking the 5G connectivity to broadcast AR/VR content from a central location to different buses?

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  • Hi Ceren

    This competition closes next week - have you built a team and proposal or is it still pending?

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