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Hi my name is Richard Kendall I work as Business Development Director for a company called Railsite Telecoms a brief history of the company is outlined below 

2001. Railsite began life as Ultramast, a joint venture between Marconi and Railtrack to build masts on the UK railway network. Railsite continues to own masts built on the railway. 

2003. Railsite provided ADC services to UK MNO’s. 

2004. Purchase of Ultramast by team led by Andy Elliman and Babcock Brown Infrastructure Fund. 

2004. Babcock & Brown and Railsite invested in Shere Group to acquire the United Utilities mast portfolio. These masts were managed by Railsite until it was sold to the Arcus European Investment Fund in 2008. 

2008-2012. Railsite managed Shere Group for Arcus IP. 

2012. Railsite re- invested in Shere Group as it acquired 460 masts from KPN in the Netherlands. Railsite was actively involved in further growth of Shere to become the third largest UK mast infrastructure owner. 

2012. Shere Group eventually managed some 960 masts and mast sites until it was sold to Cellnex in October 2016. 

2019. Railsite has co-invested with partners of Arcus IP to create Railsite Telecom.

It is focused on improving customer experience on the railway and improving mobile coverage in rural araes.

We are currently in the process of working with LNER on the East Coast Main Line to showcase what really good mobile coverage can mean within the rail environment. 

‘On-rail’ solutions are often too difficult, slow and costly to deliver. Railsite‘s mission is to provide an ‘off-rail’ solution, focusing on direct connections from mobile network to customer. This project is set to provide economic, contiguous and direct coverage, with improved capacity and speed of deployment.

Delivery of this project will enable world class operational functionality and customer experience on ‘The Digital Railway’

Over it's history Railsite has developed an in depth knowledge of all aspects the mobile tower industry , we are keen to collaborate with members of UK5G on any aspect of mast design , site acquisition and construction, radio planning , fibre and power connectivity ,operating and maintaing sites , building the business case for new sites etc.This is especially relates to the requirements realting to 5G network deployments .

We are interested in owning sites either new builds or acquiring existing sites from single sites to portfolios of sites or joining consortia in bidding for the Rural Connected Communities projects.

We have good relationships with all of the MNOs.

if you think we can be of help please contact me on 07506680227 or email me at

Kind regards



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Posted by RICHARD KENDALL | 2 replies
  • Ian Simpson

    If I can be of any assistance feel free to contact me.

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    Senior Asset Manager

    Hi Richard,

    I work for Motorola Solutions, who currently have 1,200 sites in remote / rural locations, would these be of interest to you?


    Oliver Agnew - 07525666190

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