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netmore local 5G network operator

Posted by Stefan Stanislawski

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We are open to collaborate if any consortia out there need a 5G network operator partner.

Netmore was founded in 2010 by mobile industry veterans with the idea of building and managing private mobile networks.  We have have built and operate various private 4G networks in Sweden and are now adopting 5G technology.

For a pilot project, we can offer the full mobile operator radio planning, technical and deployment capability (in partnership with Connect Fibre and Curve IT) including installation works if required.  The network will be operated with a UK instance of our core backed by network operations centre staff in Sweden.

Netmore is, in principle, willing to invest its own capital in the proportions indicated by DCMS.

Stefan Stanislawski


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Posted by Stefan Stanislawski | 5 replies
  • Mark Newman
    Chief Analyst

    Hi Stefan. Are you looking to reach enterprises / end users directly or are you seeking collaborations with network operators / neutral hosts / technology suppliers? (FYI my backround is as an analyst so I have a pretty reasonable insight into the telecoms supply/ value chains. Happy to arrange a time to talk if useful.

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    Senior Asset Manager

    Hi Stefan, would you guys be looking for any existing telecom sites in remote / rural areas?


    Oliver Agnew - 07525666190

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  • Mark Newman
    Chief Analyst

    Stefan, please send me an email to and I can put you in touch with potentially interested companies. Kind Regards, Mark.

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  • Do you have roaming agreements with US carriers (Verizon/AT&T) - if so LTE broadband? 


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  • Hi Paul

    Yes, our customers can roam on any US network.

    It looks like we have some things in common. Please message me directly and let's set up a call.




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