Unmanned Life collaborating for 5G Testbeds & Trials

Posted by Kumardev Chatterjee

Manufacturing & Automation | Transport & Logistics
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Unmanned Life is looking for the partners to collaborate for 5G testbeds& trials in Logistics and Manufacturing. We would like to form or be a part of consortium that can together deliver the autonomous operations utlising 5G connectivity and bringing the value to the communities. 

Unmanned Life would like to bring to a consortium its expertise in managing a fleet of autonomous rovers that are capable of supporting logistics operations in smart factories and smart manufacturing. This is the implementation and deployment of cloud-robotics and COBOTS over 5G for smart manufacturing and smart logistics, in a single setting. 

The capabilities of our software platform enable it to be used for various use cases in smart manufacturing such as deploying a fleet of autonomous drones and rovers which can carry out various tasks such as autonomous on-demand transporting of materials , parts, finished goods and waste, to and from material warehouses to assembly lines to distribution docks to waste centers, to ensure the smooth, cost-effective operations of smart warehouse management. 

The platform can be used for various use cases in smart logistics autonomous parcel sorting enabling smooth logistical operations within the warehouse as well as outside, autonomous inventory management; gathering the data of incoming and outgoing parcels by deployment of autonomous fleets of drones. The data are then processed in the core AI processing platform utilized for further maximization of the warehouse performance. Furthermore, the robustness of the platform makes it possible to deploy autonomous last-mile delivery missions making autonomous supply chain and logistics operations extensible to the end user. 

The platform enables users to deploy and manage these autonomous robot fleets and missions interfacing them effectively with business information systems and enterprise AI to deliver real value-added solutions at a reasonable cost with high ROI.


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Posted by Kumardev Chatterjee | 2 replies
  • We would propose a 5g private network - comprinsing a cloud EPC with an NSA 4G/5G Nokia radio - or if budget is tight a 4G version is available as well. Both can be deployed with factory automation and drone support today

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  • Tanveer Saad
    Director Solutions Architecture and Systems Engineering

    Kumerdev, let me know how we can collaborate.

    we are open networking foundation, non-profit focused on open networking solutions.



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