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Opportunity for Smart devices/IoT/AR project in rural areas of Cornwall.

Posted by Gabriel Aguiar Noury


Dear RCC community,

My name is Gabriel Aguiar, a research fellow at Plymouth University working in two eHealth projects; EPIC and Ageing Independently.  The University of Plymouth it's looking to join a 5G Programme's Rural Connected Communities Consortium focus on smart devices/IoT/robotics for healthcare monitoring and support in the rural areas of Cornwall. 

Telemedicine, early detection of illnesses, emergency response, patients adherence to medicines, loneliness... are some of the benefits and opportunities of IoT and robotics. But poor connectivity (sometimes inexistent) jeopardize these health interventions in the region. So while we have been supporting the development and adoption of an eHealth market in the south-west of England, internet connection is a barrier we cannot overcome.

By joining a consortium exploring 5G and healthcare smart devices, University of Plymouth will provide access to our healthcare network to install and test smart devices health outcomes boosted by 5G connectivity. Besides, our market research studies on IoT and assistive robotics will support the adoption of devices available in the market that have the potential to support independent living. 

For more information, please feel free to contact me.  

Best regards,



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