What does it take to be a true enterprise partner?

Posted by Anna Kurmanbaeva

The expectations for an increase in B2C revenues fade and the burden is pinned squarely on operators’ burgeoning relationship with the enterprise market. Is 5G is expected to be a catalyst for this?

Communications service providers (CSPs) setting their sights on the enterprise opportunity need to ask themselves some important questions:

  • Are we capable of truly being a partner to enterprise customers?
  • Can we offer the flexibility, speed to market, and tailoring of solutions – often with partners?
  • Do we have the relationships and depth of understanding of our enterprise customers’ business required to really succeed?

It isn’t at all clear that operators’ legacy systems can cope with billing consumers based on QoS, let alone the flexibility that will be required by enterprises, but what do you think? Can CSPs meet the demands of the enterprise market? Are they capable of being a true partner to enterprise customers? If not, what do you think needs to change?


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