Nottingham City Center 5G Testbed - 5G Enabled Leisure, Culture and Visitor Economy

Posted by Eiman Kanjo

Urban Connectivity & Smart Cities
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Along with Nottingham City Council and local Nottingham universities, we are seeking to collaborate with potential business partners to support our Nottingham’s 5G CREATE Bid Application. You can express an interest in participating as a consortium partner and/or introducing potential consortium partners, including private and public sector organisations.
Focusing on leisure, culture and the visitor economy, Nottingham City Centre would act as a 5G testbed, deploying an integrated 5G network across the City Centre with ‘Application Hubs’, harnessing the power of 5G to; improve visitor experience, increase asset value and generate benefits and improved economic output across leisure, culture and visitor economy value chains.

If you are interested in collaborating in this project and have experience and interest in 5G testbeds & immersive experience applications around city places, please contact Dr Eiman Kanjo.


UK5G’s mission is to Educate, Collaborate and Innovate.

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Posted by Eiman Kanjo | 4 replies
  • I would be interested to assist in access to spectrum, depending on which radio suppliers you decide to engage with and then on Core network applications including 5G Neutral Host Networks. (petercf at viatec co uk)



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    • Eiman Kanjo
      Associate Professor, Mobile Sensing and Data Science

      Thank you Peter, will consider this.

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  • Dear Dr Eiman Kanjo,

    We want to collaborate with other 5G partners to provide a 5G Smart Parking Solution that will improve visitors experience.

    Our solution itemised below, is working and ready for collaboration pilots.

    ·       We are a Google Startup.

    ·       IoT Mesh devices identify parking availability

    ·       Parking status uses 5G:NB-IoT back to IoT Gateway.

    ·       IoT Gateway hosted in Google Cloud

    ·       GCLOUD IoT Data into Firestore Database

    ·       Google Map Apps linked to User Smart Phones to identify and pay for parking in Real Time.

    We will add a smart AI layer that will enable users to join up their vehicle journeys to public transport and other transport modes, this will shorten the point to point journey and encourage more sustainable modes of transport when available. We can combine parking, public and other payments all into one App and then adapt where necessary for either local partnerships or a local authority.

    We can share data and availability for parking / blue badge / electric vehicle and autonomous vehicles.

    We also link parking into a marketing proposal for small local businesses helping regenerate High Streets.

    We are a UK owned and UK based business.

    For further information please contact Kevin Lewis on 07808 060 251 or

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  • Saket Mohan
    Lead Engineer


    EDAG Engineering Limited ( is an Automotive Engineering Services Provider company which provides consultancy to all major OEM’s in the UK and across the globe. With a strength of around 9500 globally we in the UK are based in Leamington Spa with a strength of 45 people. Our customer projects range from concept to complete vehicle development but in the UK our mantra is 'safe secure and connected mobility' and therefore, we actively work with our customers in the areas of 

    1.       Mobility as a service

    a.       Parking

    b.       Charging (EV)

    2.       Connectivity


    a.       Telematics

    b.       V2X

    c.       5G use-cases

    d.       C-ITS in general

    3.       Cyber Security

    a.       Vehicular CybSec

    b       Regulations advice

    4.       Functional Safety

     Our core strengths include wider automotive electrical electronics integration activities in the above mentioned areas in the wider Mobility as a service/C-ITS landscape 

    My contact details 

    Saket Mohan


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  • Eiman Kanjo
    Associate Professor, Mobile Sensing and Data Science


    Many thanks for those who replied to our call for collaboration, we still welcome contributions from the private sector who are keen on investing in this project with focus on remote visits.


    Dr Eiman  Kanjo


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