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5G3i looking for sensor and platform partners

Posted by Taner Dosluoglu

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5G3i Ltd. is a technology start-up company established with pre-seed funding by EDAS3i Inc. looking for seed funding to establish operations in Glasgow. The company is developing a unique and proprietary technology that will deliver intelligence at the edge of the network through a sensor interface that combines local data acquisition with enhanced response, detection and classification. By processing multiple sensor inputs locally, 5G3i enables improved measurement integrity & fault detection whilst dramatically reducing data transmission requirements.

Together with seed funding, we will be engaging potential sensor partners and seeking IC design collaboration opportunities for integration into 5G smart platform solutions. During the initial prototype design and system emulation we are looking forward to signing collaboration agreements to obtain sensor models. We will also engage OEM platform vendors and system providers to define goals for a formal evaluation process of 5G3i solutions and discussions on the technology and possible opportunities.

If you are interested please contact Taner Dosluoglu via email at 




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Posted by Taner Dosluoglu | 1 reply
  • Saket Mohan
    Lead Engineer


    EDAG Engineering Limited ( is an Automotive Engineering Services Provider company which provides consultancy to all major OEM’s in the UK and across the globe. With a strength of around 9500 globally we in the UK are based in Leamington Spa with a strength of 45 people. Our customer projects range from concept to complete vehicle development but in the UK our mantra is 'safe secure and connected mobility' and therefore, we actively work with our customers in the areas of 

    1.       Mobility as a service

    a.       Parking

    b.       Charging (EV)

    2.       Connectivity

    a.       Telematics

    b.       V2X

    c.       5G use-cases

    d.       C-ITS in general

    3.       Cyber Security

    a.       Vehicular CybSec

    b       Regulations advice

    4.       Functional Safety

    Our core strengths include wider automotive electrical electronics integration activities in the Mobility as a service/C-ITS landscape 

    My contact details 

    Saket Mohan


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