Nokia based 5G radios and networks for 5G create projects

Posted by Paul Christoforou

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To support the ongoing 5G Create trials we have put together an n77 (3.8-4.2GHz) 5G private network solution which may help the consortia build their unique applications and service on their own network. We believe that Ofcom will allow operation at reasonable power levels on this band so as not to affect MNO operations in band n78.

This will provide access to a 'non shared' 5G resource to show how your solution or service will work without public users blocking resources. These networks use the latest 5G HW and SW capabilities supporting R15 now and R16 in Q3/20 - with the same radio (gnodeb) capabilities used in public networks - some radios also combine massive MIMO, beam steering antenna technology and either standalone or non standalone configurations - so you can emulate what happens when your service gets pushed down to 4G LTE.

The systems we offer you are very simple to use and deploy- which means you do not have to hire specialized employees to operate them - and have applications indoors as well as outdoors - on farms, in industrial factory areas - etc. They are type approved and tested for vialbility in extreme environmental conditions.(high temp, cold temp, immersion in water, high wind, salt etc) to which they may be exposed - especially rain!

The massive MIMO supports extended range at the 5G frequencies you are allowed to use - however we can if needed provide low frequency 5G in band n71 (600MHz) if needed and authorized for use - in both cases there are a myriad of phones/modems/tablets available to use. 


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