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Adaptive-media®: A new and original AI-based immersive video format seeks partners for 5G Create

Posted by Matthew Mayes

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We have developed an original video content format called adaptive-media (Patent Office UK0000343129). See introduction video

Adaptive-media is digital media that adapts naturally to the viewer in real-time based upon how they appear and react, just as humans instinctively adapt to each other. Adaptive-media reads facial inputs through the device camera using artificial intelligence to analyse the person and serve appropriate content, usually in the form of digital tools or video content.

Personal privacy and data rights are fundamental to our technology which fully conforms to GDPR. Users must always first allow their camera and there is no recording or storing of biometric data.

Our solution is the world’s first AI-based media format that can actively perceive the viewer at home on their PC, tablet or smartphone and respond to factors such as their emotions, demographics, attention, and well-being whilst fully protecting their personal privacy. Adaptive-media is a British innovation with immediate practical societal benefits and longer term opportunities to revolutionize the way we view and interact with content used in education, public health and entertainment.

We are offering potential partners a new paradigm in human screen-based engagement, made possible by AI running on the user’s device, that is scalable, secure and super innovative. In terms of potential projects, we are open to ideas. We have case studies in education, health, entertainment and marketing. The format lends itself to many potential use cases and as a video format is well suited to demonstrating the possibilities of 5G.

We are keen to demonstrate our technology to potential partners for 5G Create. More information at


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