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5G Mobile opportunities with the use of OSA 5440

Posted by Danielle Dawson

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Dear collaboration community,

 As advised on our previous post –

 We are ADVA, a company founded on innovation. For over two decades, our technology has empowered networks across the globe. We’re continually developing breakthrough hardware and software, based upon open connectivity solutions. Our technology enables our customers to deliver mobile services that are vital to today’s society and for imagining new tomorrows.

 We have a wealth of experience in the mobile marketplace and would welcome the opportunity to get involved with your DCMS bids. We can provide hardware, software and technical expertise in the area of 5G and networking solutions.

 Our portfolio includes PTP Grand master clocks by Oscilloquartz, an ADVA owned company. Today’s operators are faced with the challenges of meeting ever stricter timing demands and synchronizing a rapidly growing number of 5G and IoT devices. They urgently need new solutions that provide frequency and phase synchronization at scale, combining timing delivery technologies in a highly synergistic way. Our OSA 5440 provides the perfect solution. Offering unique GNSS receiver technology with next-generation synchronization capabilities, together with full hardware redundancy and a scalable modular design, it packs in all the features of the OSA 5430 but with the addition of unparalleled fan-out options for ultimate scalability.

 Our OSA 5440 is a highly advanced, flexible and cost-effective synchronization solution optimized for deployment in metro and core networks. Multiple GNSS technologies ensure unbeatable availability even under environmentally challenging conditions. Able to function as a grandmaster, boundary or slave clock, our OSA 5440 meets ITU standards for enhanced primary reference time clocks. It also combines with our outstandingly accurate and stable cesium clocks for autonomous, ultra-precise ePRTC timing even during long periods of GNSS unavailability.

With multiple legacy and next-generation fan-out options, our OSA 5440 is ideal for deployment in legacy synchronization architectures as well as packet-based networks. It provides space for 10 line cards and can support PTP, NTP, and SyncE over 48 Ethernet ports, delivering unrivalled line rates of up to 10Gbit/s. Thanks to its adaptability and modular architecture, our OSA 5440 is the ultimate future-proof solution able to provide that crucial link between legacy and emerging technologies such as LTE-A and 5G.

 Interested in learning more about our product portfolio, find out more here -

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 We're excited to share our experience and expertise with you as we work together on collaborative opportunities.

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