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Hip Hop dance theatre collaboration

Posted by Tom Harvey

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BirdGang LTD are an Avant Garde dance company and leaders in hip hop theatre with a global reputation. NOX is a BirdGang dance project led by Artistic Director, Kendra Horsburgh.  NOX invites a live audience to meet their digital shadow, combining VR/AR and live dance theatre. Selected audience members will be guided by the dancers to transition between the domains of the real and the virtual. Immersive tech will be part of the fabric of the theatrical experience. 5G will be used to join the live with the screen and headset experiences for artists and audience.

BirdGang are seeking partnership and collaborations with Universities to lead the academic study of the audience interface and its user case applications.  Also with technology companies with access to VR/AR technology and spectrum access, with an interest in user case development for entertainment venues.


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Posted by Tom Harvey | 2 replies
  • Hi Tom, 

    Please feel free to contact me should you need any assitance with immersive production or creative technology consultation. You can see more about me via my profile on this site or via

    Best wishes, 

    Mitch Turnbull., 07775878708. 

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  • Georgi Iliev
    Software Engineer / Tech Lead for WMG Accelerator

    Can I get some more detail?

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