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Open Things: a 3D printed Air quality monitoring platform.

Posted by keith Baker

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Open Things is a CIC, with a platform for air quality monitoring. We offer a technology platform, which can be 3D modified and printed at local facilities by partners. The platform provides an airflow bed for three to four sensors in the sampling bed. The platform has a communication and control platform which is low energy and a high energy battery pack gives the platform a long life in the field, up to three years. Our current objectives are to monitor marine, city and industrial locations, this includes local port facilities in Poole. To improve health and to get data on air quality to fight future infections beyond SARS-COV2, the problems of traffic and school environments are a spearhead with local government. The platform is 5G ready, but can also be linked to LORAwan, include Satcom based LORAwan for the future (LACUNA), such a remote location and marine applications.


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