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5G Smart Parking using IOT Mesh

Posted by richard brooks

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We want to collaborate with 5G Create Partnerships to provide a 5G Smart Parking Solution.

We have built the solution below and it is all working and ready for collaboration pilots.

We are a Google Startup.

1. IoT Mesh Devices identify parking availibility

2. Parking status uses 5G:NB-IoT back to IOT Gateway.

3. IOT Gatweway Hosted in Google Cloud.

4. GCLOUD IOT Data into Firestore Database.

5. Google Map Apps linked to User Smart Pones to identify and pay for parking in Real Time.

We will add a Smart AI layer once we have parking data to join up vehicle journeys to public transport and other transport modes to shorten the point to point journey.  We can combine parking, public + other payments all into one App and then 'skin' it for the local partnership or local authourity.

We can share data and availibility for parking + blue badge + Electric Vehicle + Autonomous Vehicles.

We also link parking into a marketing proposal for small local businesses helping build High Street resiliance.

We are a UK owned and UK based business.


UK5G’s mission is to Educate, Collaborate and Innovate.

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