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ip.access is a manufacturer of 2G, 3G and 4G small cells, with a roadmap to 5G.

Our S60 50mW access point is an 1800MHz small cell, and aligns with one of the 'shared spectrum' bands recently alocated for UK enterprise use by Ofcom. 

We also have nascent capability for OEM modules offering higher power and alternate band options e.g for the 2600MHz band also available to shared access users.

LTE offers a lot of the same capabilities today as 5G will in future, especially as a complimentary technology to WiFi - this includes good data rates, moderate latency, excellent policy control and congestion/interference control.

So whilst the industry moves slowly to 3GPP Rel 16 and full standalone 5G and 5G core, we welcome opportunityes for those looking to experiment today with associated concepts such as neutral hosts, roaming, smart factories, small cell orchestration and other creative uses of cellular.

Many thanks

Ben Ash, Sales Manager @ ip.access

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Posted by Ben Ash | 1 reply

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