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Satore Studio Collaboration Opportunity

Posted by Amber Reohorn

Creative Industries

We are Satore Studio - a multi disciplinary studio led by Creative Director Tupac Martir. Satore work within events, entertainment and architecture to create immersive experiences for brands.

We are looking to collaborate with partners focusing on a touring performance that challenges the concepts of: viewer and viewed; physical and virtual; real and imagined; film and animation; --using 5G to extend what is possible in live performance.

Our aim is to create a never before possible touring performance that allows us to understand the end-to-end infrastructure and tools needed to support a 5G performance: production; workflows; distribution; audience participation; and, monetisation. We believe the knowledge gained from a touring performance can usefully inform infrastructure plans for stadiums and theatres.

Satore brings the knowledge and relationships established from many years of experience in live production, combined with more recent award-winning productions that combine the virtual and the real. 

Visit our website for past projects:

Please get in touch. 


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