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Electromagnetic field (EMF) Intensity for 5G Communications

Posted by Mert Uygun

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Electromagnetic fields radiated by communication systems must be under certain level in order to be harmless. Several guidelines have been provided by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing-Radiation Protection.

3Cell representing the technical channel of the newly developed two of the devices that able to analyze of fields radiated by the base station's antennas, with capabilities to calculate the field radiated by the antenna at any point and perform the antenna diagnosis. One of the device is for indoor usage and can be managed by hand and other one is for the outdoor usage which controlled by the drone. By using either solution, device and real-time monitoring application can measure subsix, Mm-wave and the antennas where unreachable or difficult to reach due to H&S.

The outcomes are electromagnetic field values (e.g , ICNIRP limits) and antenna diagnosis (e.g. arrays, beamforming capabilities, etc.).

3Cell also provides an algorithms for quick evaluation of the safety perimeter according to ICNIRP guidelines. Such test results are based on near field estimation instead of the conventional far field approximation resulting in a very accurate evaluation.

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