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Telecoms R&D Collaboration with the Republic of Korea - Find a Consortium Partner

Posted by Vicki DeBlasi

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DCMS has launched a £3.6 million collaboration with the Republic of Korea competition to enable UK-based researchers to work with global partners in the telecoms industry, including world-leading Open RAN researchers and suppliers.

UK5G understands that many organisations are seeking potential consortium partners in preparation of submitting a proposal.

UK5G is here to help you find the right partner. To start the process, please post in this thread:

- Your organisation's name

- Your proposal area of focus

- What your organisation can offer

- What capabilities/skills your require from a partnership.

Please come back to this thread to check for posts from others.



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Posted by Vicki DeBlasi | 1 reply
  • Organisation: Ampliphae Ltd (UK-based SME)

    Ampliphae is interested in joining a consortium to address the UK/RoK OpenRAN challenge. We believe our technology and expertise can help with technical scope 5 (Energy saving based on management in response to traffic patterns) and with general security in virtualised 5G environments such as OpenRAN.

    Ampliphae has a strong background in network management and analytics, using this to improve enterprise management of Cloud-based applications and services. We are currently leading a project to implement security for enterprise Private 5G deployments, which includes securing the connectivity between VNFs/CNFs in virtualised network environments. 

    To address this UK/RoK challenge we propose that traffic analysis can be used to dynamically reposition virtualised network workloads (e.g. DU/CU) based on current and predicted network load, allowing virtual elements to migrate towards centralised cloud nodes at times of lighter load - where economies of scale allow for significantly lower energy utilisation within core data centres deploying more sustainable technologies. Ampliphae has the expertise in ML-based network traffic analysis to identify migration opportunities, and expertise in security and network virtualisation required to safely migrate workloads to achieve energy savings. 

    Ampliphae as an SME is not seeking to lead a consortium but we are keen to join with larger and perhaps research-oriented organisations that have access to appropriate testbeds, and can address the other aspects of technical scope for this challenge

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