When is 5G expected to be rolled out in the UK?

Posted by Eleanor Brash

I understand that there are already some 5G trials going on around the UK, but that other countries may be able to access 5G sooner than us. When will there be a consumer-ready 5G network that I can access with my phone? When will businesses be able to deploy 5G networks on their site?


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Posted by Eleanor Brash | 2 replies
  • UK network providers have been testing 5G networks throughout 2018, but rollout isn’t set to begin until late 2019 or 2020, according to the government’s 5G strategy and statements from network operators.

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  • Zahid Ghadialy
    Senior Director, Strategic Marketing

    5G trial sites have already been deployed by Vodafone and EE and a commercial network is expected to be available in 2019. 

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