Will there be a 6G after 5G? When will this be live in the UK?

Posted by Sophia Donovan-Spalding


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Posted by Sophia Donovan-Spalding | 2 replies
  • While 5G is set to continually evolve, we cannot rule out the possiblilty of 6G or even 7G. For example, the Center for Converged TeraHertz Communications and Sensing (ComSenTe) is already working on the initial 6G specifications, and it is suggested that while 5G is still aiming at connecting high-speed devices such as computers, smartphones and connected cars, 6G will be mostly an IoT network.

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  • Zahid Ghadialy
    Senior Director, Strategic Marketing

    Even though a few people in the industry feel 5G will/should be the last "G", the marketers often win and they will make sure there is a 6G.

    If you follow the current trend of a new generation every 9/10 years then we can expect the first 6G networks by 2028

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