5G & WiFi

Posted by Eleanor Brash

Is there a relationship between 5G and WiFi? If there is, how does it work? What is the benefit to it?


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Posted by Eleanor Brash | 2 replies
  • There are coversations as to whether the 5G standard will replace WiFi, but many believe that 5G and WiFi will continue along their current, differentiated paths for the foreseeable future. Though 5G is fast, many value the availability of WiFi connections - WiFi-specific functions aren’t compatible with cellular networks. 5G won’t allow access to private servers, NAS, appliances, and other LAN devices, unless they are “cloud-connected” via the Internet. For home networks that have infrastructure like this, WiFi is, and will remain to be the most viable option. WiFi will likely coexist with 5G, and be a key part of many 5G use cases.

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  • Zahid Ghadialy
    Senior Director, Strategic Marketing

    5G and WiFi are both complementary technologies and generally serve a different set of users with some overlap between them. There is no direct relationship as such and they will both continue to exist and complement each other in future

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