What is ‘digital twin’ technology?

Posted by Lucy Woods


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Posted by Lucy Woods | 2 replies
  • Roughly speaking a digital twin is a virtual model that duplicates a physical entity (a bridge, a farm, a device, an infrastructure) - something similar to what we use as an emulator in telecom but more complete and closer to the physical duplicate. With AI and data in place, digital twin can leverage real data on a virtual model and operate it as if it is the physical one, to test service deployment or prevent fault, for example. Digital twin can be widely used in construction, health care, IIoT... IET has a recent issue focusing on the digital twin technology and the ideas there are fascinating. 

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  • Jo O'Riordan
    Head of Spectrum Policy Forum and Telecoms

    techUK have started to do a monthly podcast and this months topic is on Digital Twins. It is presented by Matthew Evans, Director of Market Programmes at techUK, and focuses on the technologies behind and possibilities for digital twins. It considers what a national ‘Brit-twin’ would deliver and talk to Peter van Manen at Frazer-Nash, Sarah Hayes at the National Infrastructure Commission, Kevin Reeves at Costain, David Cuckow from the BSI and Mattheiu Francoz at Dassault Systemes about how we can get there.

    It's free to access and I hope you find it informative.

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