Role of second generation SMART electricity meters

Posted by Brendan Dunphy

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What could be the role of second generation SMART electricity meters in extending network connectivity, home data capture and value-added consumer services beyond supplier switching?


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Posted by Brendan Dunphy | 1 reply
  • Brendan - smart meters and the secure resilient connectivty that underpins them could have a transformational role in the digitisation of energy infrastrucutre. 

    I imagine a world where this connectivity offers real time billing matching demand with load, a smart home where the appliances use electricity based on availability - heat water when theres high availability of renewables.

    The role of supporting a renewable energy internet where micro grid generation supports local energy distribution. The role on EV as a decentralise energy storage solution.

    Then back to the first question value added services beyond supplier switching, Smart Home, Connected Consumner Devices, health monitoring and social care via a secure national network.

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    • Thanks Mike, appreciated. I get the energy-related services but I struggle to see the value proposition relative to existing wireless connected devices and smart home services using the broadband hub most homes have today. I guess using the smart meter as a 5G hub and a cheaper alternative to broadband could work for some  but building a 5G network is no small challenge.

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