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Posted by Marios Nicolaou

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5G creates miriads of opportunities across industry sectors. These include cost saving strategies but also opportunities for new revenue and new business models. I have a strong interest in this space and I am looking for individuals or organizations focusing on 5G innovation to explore these dimensions further and deeper. 

Marios Nicolaou 


UK5G’s mission is to Educate, Collaborate and Innovate.

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Posted by Marios Nicolaou | 2 replies
  • michael blinch
    Sales Dev Rep - EMEA

    Hi Marios & Gayle , looking at both of your comments we're also looking at organisaitons to collabrate / partner with here in the UK.

    The company I wotk for Spirent Communications (UK Based Company) are globally leaders in Testing Networks & Communications Services are heavily engaged in 5G activities with commercial companies, academic and research institutions. Our solutions are based on three pillars:  We are testing ( network elements, protocols, etc), validate( migration to virtualization, individual and e2e services) and emulate ( individual or all network element, with the ability to build an Digital Twin of an real 5G network). From functional to performance. For 5G, we can address any point in the architecture( 5G UE, 5Gcell, 5GCore,..). As such, we are always open for engagements and discussions in this area. 

    One of our success stories was working with The Innovation Centre at The University of Surrey , we helped them simulate up to one million 5G users, Our Solution enabled researchers and partners to test the performance of new 5G applications based on latency, bandwidth, quality of experience, signaling and various traffic in sliceable and virtualized networks -

    I look forward to your feedbacks.



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  • Hello Are you looking to add 5G SDN platform into your BID ??

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