Impact of 5G on health and the environment

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I have been seeing a lot of articles in the news about the negative effects of 5G on people, animals and plants. Are you sure that 5G is safe? What research has been done in this area?


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Posted by Eleanor Brash | 2 replies
  • Anonymous

    Potetially, as yet unknown. An example of such a worry includes cancer risk due to the many "small towers" that need to be installed

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  • Eleanor Brash
    Head of Marketing

    UK5G has created a guide that reviews the current research on 5G's impact on health and the environment that is very useful for this. It includes information from both governmental and independent sources. You can read it here - the second half is only available to people who have registered with the site but given that this is free, it's easy to do:

    The general conclusion is that no study has found that the radiation currently used for telecommunications, including that used for 5G, has had or will have a negative impact on the health of people, florae or faunae.

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