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Industrial 5G Testbeds & Trials: Logistics - consortia partners

Posted by Iwona Wilk

Transport & Logistics
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The Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport has opened the Industrial 5G Testbeds & Trials grant funding competition.

The Programme is seeking 2-3 industry-led, 5G-based projects in the Logistics sector with £5-10 million of DCMS funding available per project.

During the competition briefing events, many organisations have asked for a way of finding consortium partners in preparation of submitting a proposal.

 If you'd like to use UK5G to do this, please post in this thread:

  • Your organisation's name
  • Your proposal area of focus
  • What your organisation can offer
  • What capabilities/skills your require from a partnership
  • Is your organisation interested in leading the bid

Please come back to this thread to check posts from others.

Further details are available on the UK5G website. This includes:

  • Competition overview - here
  • Slides from the briefing event on 23 July - here
  • A video of the briefing event on 23 July - here

Full application documentation is available via the DCMS website.


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Posted by Iwona Wilk | 2 replies
  • Vicki Cottrell
    Marketing Manager

    Hi! At Inventya we're experienced in commercial and public-sector partnerships. We lead projects, write consortia proposals, scedule work packages and deliver market insight. We project managed the Liverpool 5G Health and Social Care Testbed, and have an excellent team of bid writers. Our number is 01925 506100, please give me a ring if you would like to start talking about this exciting opportunity :)  

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  • Anonymous

    If you are looking to be the industry lead for a bid into the Industrial 5G Testbeds and Trials competition, Digital Catapult (as the technical and innovation coordinator for the initiative), is very keen on speaking with you to discuss the scope of your bid and to help advise on some of the key things to include to meet the ambitions of the programme. If you are interested in arranging a one to one with them, please do get in touch by emailing as early as possible.

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