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Posted by William Trossell

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Hello Everyone,

ScanLAB Projects is creative technology studio based in London are we are looking for collaborative opportunities around UK5G.

As the UK’s leading provider of large scale 3D scanning services we capture precisely measured, beautifully coloured digital replicas of buildings, landscapes, objects and events. Our work digitises the world, transforming temporary moments and spaces into compelling permanent experiences, images and film. We design online environments, immersive installations and objects.

And as previous recipients of 2 Innovate UK grants for Audience of the future have a proved track record for innovation, creativity and immersive story telling.

Our primary medium is 3D scanning, a form of machine vision that we argue is the future of photography and much more beyond. As the electronic eyes for billions of mobile phones and driverless vehicles 3D scanners are the cartographers of the future. By critically observing places and events through the eyes of these machines our work hopes to glance at the future we will all inhabit.

Founded in 2010, we have worked with leading architects, broadcasters, scientists and artists from across the world. ScanLAB operate from concept, through on location scanning, to delivered product. Our work has featured in major TV documentaries and cinema screenings, been widely published and exhibited internationally.

If you wish to discuss a potential project or collaborative bid - please don't hesitate to get in touch - or  0207739 2524


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