How does the 5G spectrum auction work?

Posted by Eleanor Brash

Who manages it, and who is able to purchase spectrum? 

Is it the best way to control the use of available radio?


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Posted by Eleanor Brash | 1 reply
  • The stages for the UK's spectrum auction process is:

    • Spectrum is all made available at a reserve price of £10 million for each ‘lot’ of 2.3GHz spectrum (with four 10MHz lots in total) and £1 million for each lot of 3.4GHz spectrum (with thirty 5MHz lots in total).
    • Bidders then bid for how many lots in each band they want at that price, and if the demand is equal to or greater than the available spectrum a second round of bidding begins at a higher price
    • This continues until there are no new bids in a round.
    • Winning bidders pay the price of their last bid and at this point the ‘assignment stage’ begins. This only lasts one round and allows winning bidders to now bid on where the airwaves they’ve won are located within the spectrum. Bidders in this stage pay the price set by the highest losing bidder – a process which Ofcom notes is similar to how eBay’s auctions work.

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