David Cuckow

Head of Digital Sector


About David

Responsible for the National Standards Body (NSB) global strategy on all things digital, the development and implementation of the sector’s market engagement. Supporting cross-sector industries and government stakeholders to innovate by accelerating the adoption of digital technologies, identifying and codifying excellence in order to transform and improve business, process and culture for both social and economic benefit.

Convening and engaging with key stakeholder communities in order to de-risk digital transformation initiatives across complex stakeholder value chains, identifying commons, underpinned by the development and adoption of best practice. Key programmes include 5G, IoT, AI, Future Mobility, Digital Twin, Blockchain, Autonomy, Privacy and Cyber Security.

Our orchestrated programmatic approach to “best practice development” and its application, provides a cost-efficient way to help stakeholders learn from each other to identify, codify, share and enable best practices, support sector-wide transformation plans and the certainty of “best in class” repeatable initiatives.