richard brooks

MD and CTO


About richard

I am a technical thinker who also has business analytics and management skills and a reasonable understanding of statistics, data, and IT systems. I have a Masters in Social Statistics Methods. 

I am now ...

Managing Director of a Parking and IoT Tech Start Up - Blue Mesh Solutions. 

I am a widely experienced business leader and entrepreneur.  I have started three businesses, and worked in IT, IoT, Business Services & Consulting, Data Analysis, Financial Services, and Technical Sales.

I recently ran a small commercial team of 4 people for CliniSys - a UK Health IT Systems specialist.

Also I worked for Sagoss Group - they have a cloud based ANPR parking and vehicle management solution that is growing rapidly with recent clients such as Virgin Trains and Transport for London.

Before this ...

I worked with Koncar - Industrial Internet of Things business targeting the hydropower energy sector. 

Before that ...

I was a founding Director of Wavehill Limited a social and economic research and analysis consultancy and sold out via an MBI end 2016.

And finally i was ...

The UK Managing Director of Media Connection Limited the importer and distributor of PlayStation and PC video games.

Back in the past ... I worked in financial services in the City - as a Financial Information Analyst,  then as a sales-analyst / broker for a Private Equity / Boutique Bank [Baird Capital] specialising in smaller companies.  

I started working ... as a data analyst at Datastream and Dunn & Bradstreet the financial and business information systems company, providing data to financial companies across the UK and Europe.

I like ... coaching football to kids and Southampton FC.

I am bad at ... golf and sorting my expenses on time.