Peter Curnow-Ford



About Peter

Peter is Founder and Managing Partner at Viatec Associates and its global business

With 30+ years’ experience in global telecoms and IT, Peter founded Viatec Associates in 2002 to assist organisations with decision making in the cellular, satellite & wireless infrastructure and device space, on investment, key operational and technology trends and thought leadership on wireless landscape, 4G & 5G, spectrum use and acquisition, tower (cell site) development and funding, public safety, handsets, transport connectivity and cellular backhaul including small-cell strategies and mmWave. We have supported many Investment Banks, Private Equity and Hedge Funds on infrastructure investment.

5G figures large in what we do - commercial strategy, value proposition, investment, spectrum acquisition, Deep Fibre and infrastructure. Deep interest in small-cell, spectrum valuation and auctions, Tower & DAS investment.

Member of the techUK Communication Infrastructure Council (Previously Board Advisor to the UK Spectrum Policy Forum and was Chair of Spectrum Access and Use for 5 years). Regular conference speaker and has chaired several panel sessions at TMT Finance M&A, 5G World, Small Cell World Summit and the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation. Board Member of the UK Fibre Connectivity Forum (UKFCF) and Tech London Advocates (TLA) 5G WG

He has held Non-Exec roles in Plasma Antennas, Eisar, Bluenowhere, Safetipay, etc and is currently Board Advisor to Dahl Mobile Technology AB and ProtectMe Ltd