Antony Corfield

Programme Manager (Sector Development)


About Antony

Programme Manager (Sector Development)

Innovation and Sector Development Team

Antony has overseen programme management for a range of publicly funded business grant and support schemes and is lead officer for the current 5G Logistics project, having previously overseen the successful 5G Smart Tourism project.  He is part of the Innovation and Sector Development team at WECA with the aim of fostering cross-sector collaboration between R+D project participants, separate government programmes (e.g. Innovate programmes like Future Flight Challenge and WECA led DfT schemes like Future Transport Zones) and between SME peer networks.  WECA plays a convening role in bringing bidding consortia together to address local challenges and missions, improving the impact and reach of R+D by disseminating learnings, experience and findings as widely as possible.

Antony is interested to foster further collaboration with SMEs and larger, mission orientated projects that require improved mobile connectivity or internet of things type connectivity through 5G as an enabling technology.