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  • Mark Dansie
    Technical Project Manager and Open Compute Facilities Subject Matter Expert

    Mark is the Managing Director and Senior Technical Project Manager at Inflectiontech, a UK based independent data centre consultancy and project management company, specialising in the build out of Cloud infrastructures and the transformation and optimisation of existing facilities to those that can support Open Racks and Open Compute IT gear.  Mark is actively involved within the OCP community as a member of the Open Compute Data Center Facilty and Telco project teams, including spearheading the creation of the Colocation Guidelines for Deploying OCP Open Racks and speaking at the OCP summit in 2017.

    As a technical project manager with over 30 years of experience Mark Dansie enjoys and gets great satisfaction out of working throughout the life cycle of a project, sometimes coming into a project after it has started, to bring order when there is chaos and to help it through to a successful handover. As client’s representative, he delivers successful projects by the detailed management of the three building blocks of a project, time, cost and quality.

    Recent projects have seen Mark project managing the build out of multiple colocation data centre white spaces in the UK and mainland Europe, for one of the USA’s leading Cloud computing providers.

    Added to practical experience from over 30 years in the IT industry Mark’s professional credentials include PRINCE2 Practitioner, APMP, MBCS, Open Compute facilities subject matter expert. Mark is a long standing BICSI member and contributor to the BICSI 002 and 007 standards.

  • Peter Darrell
  • Sam Darwish
    Sales Director
  • Susan DA-SILVA
    Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport
  • Ilesh Dattani
    Assentian Partners
  • Liam Davenport
    Head of Telecoms and Networking
    HG Insights
  • Michael Davey
    Technical Consultant (volunteer)
    Connecting Norfolk
  • Michael Davey
    Technical Consultant
    Connecting Norfolk
  • DavidbiaxyZO DavidbiaxyZO
  • Alastair Davidson
    Wireless Infrastructure Group
  • Alan Davies
    Economic Development Officer
    Powys County Council
  • Eleanor Davies
    Research Associate
    Lancaster University
  • Euros Davies
    Radio Network Design and Strategy Manager
    Motorola Solutions
  • James Davies
  • Jamie Davies
    Deputy Editor
  • Jane Davies
    CGA Simulation
  • Jonathan Davies

    My involvement in the Digital sector was ignited at a child when i got hold of my first computer back in the mid 80's and created my first few lines of code that then evolved to link a few wires and bulbs to interact with the real world. At the time although i did not realise it i had probably created a computer controled home automation system on a Dragon 32 computer. From those few lines of code a career spanning over 2 decades in the sector has evolved.

    I have become known as "A friendly trouble maker with a mission to Challenge everything because Disruption is good life is boring if you let others tell you how it should be done." In a number of areas from Digital & Tech to Politics

    I am committed to collaboration and innovation through advancement in Digital & Tech to help better the world. I have a strong belief that through technology we can bring the world together and solve many of the big issues around the world.

    Key to this is advancing connectivity to enable everyone to have high speed always on connectivity.

    I do believe that the best way to make advancement and take great steps forward to evolve is by smashing apart and building better than before.

    Alongside my own business developing software and apps along with IoT, AR, VR and other tech development projects for clients both here in the UK and international. I am co-founder of Wired Cumbria who have worked on various projects aimed at supporting the development of a digital, creative and tech sector in Cumbria. We are supporting the growth of IoT through our Things Cumbria project and promoting digital maturity and the potential to exploit for growth new developments in digital and technolight by Business & communities through our Cumbria Digital project.

  • Lisa Davies
  • Louise Davies
    Marketing Manager
    Chronos Technology Ltd
  • Pete Davies
    Cyber Defence Service
  • Rory Davies
  • Colin Davis
    Executive Producer
    Nexus Studios
  • Nicola Day
    Research Coordinator
    Liverpool 5G Innovation Group
  • Barry Deadman
  • Daniel Dearing
    Managing Director
    Actualise Consulting
  • Daniel Dearing
    Senior Advisor
    Cambridge Wireless
  • Chris Deaville
    Operations Director
    Manchester Digital
  • Vicki DeBlasi
    Head of Strategic Communications, Innovation, EMEA
  • Francisco Araujo de Carvalho
  • Nila Deda
    Gate One
  • Jan Dee
    3D Visual Marketing
  • Noemi de Hevia Mendez
    Lead Telecom Consultant
  • Julie Delaney
  • Ruth Delaney
    Senior Project Manager
    Bristol Futures Global
  • Yansha Deng
    Assistant Professor
    Kings College London
  • bob dennis
    Technical Service Manager
  • Frances Dennis
    Business Transformation Director
  • Nicky Denovan
    Head of Marketing
    Cambridge Communication Systems
  • Steve Denton
    IT Manager
    Bridgnorth Aluminium Ltd
  • Robert Denton-Powell
    Regional Sales Manager
    Spirent Communications
  • Secretaria Det
  • Kapal Dev
    Junior Consultant
    5GIC at University of Surrey
  • Nick Devitt
  • Liam Devlin
    Plextek RFI
  • Vikas Dhingra
    Senior Consultant
  • Ian Dickinson
  • Wolfgang Dieter