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  • Paula Fee
    City Innovation Programme Officer
    Belfast City Council
  • Eve Feenan
  • Emma fell
  • Carl Fell
  • Davina Fell
    Southwark Council
  • Horst Fellner
    EMEA 5G solutions/ Business Development Mobility
    Spirent Communications
  • Jen Fenner
    DefProc Engineering
    Operations Manager
    Balfour Beatty
  • Laura Fenton
    Gate One
  • Laura Fenton
    Gate One

    Laura is a Digital Consultant specialising in the telco industry. Laura managed the pilot of 5G in manufacturing in Worcestershire, and is currently creating the Target Operating Model for the Mobile Broadband Network Ltd. Laura utilises business analysis techniques and processes along with bespoke strategy to deliver outcomes tailored to her client’s needs. She has a deep understanding of the interaction between business and technical architecture, and experience in delivery of large projects and programmes. She is focussed on the impact of 5G on MNO business models and strategy.

  • Martin Fenton
    Director of Spectrum Policy
  • Stuart Fenton
    Stuart Fenton Consultancy Ltd
  • Paul Ferguson
    Associate Professor of Audio Engineering
    Edinburgh Napier University

    This research brings together two separate strands from Paul’s industry background:

    • 10 years as an electronics/embedded software R&D engineer in the defence industry leading a team specialising in deterministic network communications. 

    • 20 years as an audio engineer with a technical specialist role leading him to support studio and live projects by major artists.

    Since joining Edinburgh Napier University in 2001 Paul has maintained his music industry links and provides project support and consultancy. He is currently under NDA with audio companies AVID, Audinate and Focusrite. He was recently invited to join the UK5G Creative Industries Working Group.

    Paul has presented in person, and virtually, at conferences in the UK, Europe and USA on the subject of networked real-time rehearsal, teaching and performance over distance.

  • Maryant Fernandez
    Senior Digital Policy Officer
  • Ruben Fernandez
  • Emmanuel Ferreyra
    ETU, Research Specialist
  • Robert Ferriday
    Business Development Manager
    Alliot Technologies Limited
  • Michael Fews
    Telecoms Advisor
    Government of Jersey
  • Jose Figueredo
  • Richard Finch
    Principle Consultant
  • Emma Finn
  • Claire Finnegan
    Head of O2 - West Midlands
  • Michael Fitch
    Senior Project Manager
    5GIC at University of Surrey
  • Andrew Fleming
  • Lynsey Fleming
    Multimedia Officer
    Durham County Council
  • Jeremy Fletcher
    Solution Consultant
  • Paul Fletcher
    Samsung Electronics
  • Simon Fletcher
    Real Wireless

    Chair of the UK5G International Working Group

    Simon takes responsibility for overall technical and innovation strategy at Real Wireless. In the UK5G Advisory Board he leads the International Engagement Working Group, and has recently signed an MoU with South Korea on behalf of UK5G.

  • Michael Flood
  • Richard Foggie
    Digital Economy & IoT
    Knowledge Transfer Network
  • Jemima Fol
  • Marta Fole
    Research Funding Intelligence Officer
    University of Manchester
  • Alistair Forbes
    Guildford Borough Council
  • Duncan Forbes
    Head of Dairy
    Agri-EPI Centre
  • Duncan Forbes
    Project manager
    Agri-EPI Centre
  • Barry Forde
  • Jaume Fornos
  • Colin Forrester
  • Trevor Forsythe
    project manager
    Department for the Economy NI
  • Colin Foskett
    Head of Research & Innovation
    Blackwood group
  • Jeremy Foss
    Senior Lecturer
    Birmingham City University
  • David Fowler
    Technical Manager
    Garland Partners Limited
  • Craig Francis
    Amey UK plc
  • Mike Francis
  • Annelise Franck
  • Frederic Francois
  • Chris Franklin
  • Robert Franks
    Managing Director
    West Midlands 5G
  • Neil Fraser
    Project Manager
  • Ieuan French
    University of Surrey