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  • Calum Handforth
    Digital Infrastructure Manager
    Southwark Council
  • Mike Handley
    Chief Executive Officer
    PolyChord Ltd

    Chief Science Officer: Prof. Mike Hobson

    Director of Studies, Physics Prof Hobson is Cambridge University Professor in Astrophysics and Cosmology. Prof Hobson is a researcher in the Cavendish Laboratory, and both Director of Studies in Natural Sciences and a member of the Admissions Committee at Trinity Hall, Cambridge. His research interests include cosmology, in particular primordial fluctuations in the cosmic microwave background, and star-formation. He is an experienced teacher of university physics and mathematics.

    Chief Executive Officer: Mike Handley

    Marketing consultant with 30 years experience working on branded goods and services. Mike started his career as a Creative Group Head working in TV, radio, outdoor and print with Geers Gross plc. Mike also has experience of designing and manufacturing high quality products in the UK, manufacturing in China, and retailing through John Lewis and Mothercare. Mike has successfully run The Handley Partnership for the last 20 years. He brings commercial expertise to the PolyChord company and acts as principal point of contact for all client-focused business.

    Prof. Anthony Lasenby

    Cambridge Professor of Astrophysics and Cosmology Fellow of Queens’ College. Prof Lasenby’s areas of interest include Anisotropy of the microwave background, cosmology, the Galactic Centre, telescope surface profile measurement, phase reconstruction problems, atmospheric spectral line broadening. Geometric algebras, the application of Clifford Algebras in physics.

    Chief Technology Officer: Dr. Will Handley

    Theoretical Cosmologist, studying the very earliest moments of the universe, having recently completed his PhD under his supervisors Anthony Lasenby and Mike Hobson. Dr. Handley’s main interest is in examining the effect that high energy physics has on the universe a split second after the Big Bang. Recently, his work has focussed on developing novel Bayesian algorithms for high-dimensional parameter estimation and model comparison using nested sampling. Dr. Handley is a member of the Planck Core HFI team 2.

  • Kamran Hanif
  • Mansoor Hanif

    Chair of the UK5G Testbeds & Trials Review Working Group

    Mansoor has 25 years experience of planning, building, optimising and operating mobile networks around the world. In 2011 he joined EE and was accountable for the technical launch of 4G as well as the Integration of the 2G/3G Orange and T-Mobile networks. Mansoor was Director of Radio Networks and a board member of MBNL (the joint venture of EE with H3G) until 2016. At BT he was Director of the Converged Networks Research Lab from 2016 to 2018. From September 2018 Mansoor is the CTO of Ofcom, the UK telecoms and media regulator. As CTO he is head of the technology profession across the organisation, ensuring that the technology aspects of all Ofcom’s policy work are informed and robust, and is a member of the Policy and Management Board. He also leads Ofcom’s activities in network security & resilience as well as engagement with CTOs at our stakeholders, industry bodies and with Government. Outside of Ofcom, Mansoor is patron of the ITP, a member of the Steering Board of the UK5G Innovation Network, and on the Advisory Boards of the Satellite Applications Catapult and UCL Electrical and Electronic Engineering Dept.

  • gary hanmer
    Consultant engineer
    Roke Research
  • Emma Hardcastle
  • Francesca Harding
    Information Officer
  • Matthew Harding
    Head of Transformation and Programmes
    Suffolk County Council
  • Rob Harding
    Engineering Manager - Traffic
    telent Technology Services
  • warren hardy
  • Rachel Hardy
  • Samantha Harland
    Innovation Lead
  • andrew harris
    Director, 5G/MNO
    euNetworks Fiber UK Ltd
  • Andy Harris
    CRALEY Group Limited
  • John Harris
    University of Bristol
  • Jonathan Harris
    Consultant Senior Programme Manager
    Cumbria County Council
  • Julie Harris
    Communications Business Partner, Economy, Environment and Culture
    Brighton & Hove City Council
  • Paul Harris
    Business Development Manager (SDR Applications)
    National Instruments
  • Helen Harrison
    Satellite Applications Catapult
  • Paul Harrison
  • Graeme Harrold
    Head of UK for Nokia Software
  • Stephen Harrop
  • Alexander Harrowell
    Senior Analyst
  • Mike Harrowven
  • Jasper Hart
    Mobile News Magazine
  • Mike Hart
    Pico Services Ltd
  • Janet Hartin
  • Maddy Harverson
    Penta Consulting
  • Angela Harvey
    Head of Operations & Finance
    Flann Microwave Ltd
  • Claire Harvey
    Business Director
    Red Bee Media

    Chair of the UK5G Creative Industries Working Group

    Claire is an Account Director for Red Bee Media which operates at the front line of the broadcast industry delivering critical services for the world’s leading broadcasters. She has worked across the media space, delivering strategic and high profile launches, as a founding member of one of the first cloud based production platforms, Aframe, as a digital specialist for the UK and European research funds, and as a Board Member of UK5G.

  • Tracy Harwood
    De Montfort University
  • Stephen Haseldine
  • Catherine Haslam
    Senior Analyst
    TM Forum
  • Steven Hassall
    Finance officer
    Pure Leapfrog
  • Mehraj Hassan
    Total Telecom
  • Joe Hastings
  • Joe Hastings
  • Jen Hawes-Hewitt
    Global Cities and Infrastructure Industry Lead
  • Georgia Hawkes
    Head of Commissioning and Business Improvement
    Maidstone Borough Council
  • Mark Hawkins
    QinetiQ Fellow

     Mark is a QinetiQ Fellow and has 14 years’ experience of working on cellular technologies (2/3/4/5G) primarily conducting research for the UK Government, which has included various trials activities. He is currently leading QinetiQ’s 5G activities, developing 5G security services as part of the Worcestershire 5G testbed project – one of the 6 Phase 1 DCMS testbeds. Mark is passionate about 5G security, publishing several blogs on 5G security, and being a key author of a joint paper on 5G Security as part of a team spanning all of the DCMS Phase 1 testbeds, led by 5GIC at Surrey University.

    Mark is a Chartered Physicist and holds a Physics Degree from Oxford University.

  • Freya Haworth
    Lead Operations Architect
  • Marcus Hayes
    Business Development Manager
    Cogeco Peer 1

    20 years experience in IT Consultancy specifically around datacenter and cloud technologies. Fast access to your data is Cogeco Peer 1's goal. How do you empower users to be able to work more effectively anytime anywhere? We can help.

  • Paul Hayes
    Product Development Director
    Alliot Technologies Limited
  • Robert Hayward
    Director Business Development
    MLL Telecom Ltd
  • Steve HEALD
    Managing Director
    A1 Comms Limited
  • Daniel Heery

    In 2003 Daniel set up Cybermoor Ltd in the North Pennines, the first rural broadband co-op in the country and has since worked on several projects to improve broadband in some of the remotest parts of the UK.  He has raised the finance, built and managed wireless and fibre networks in Cumbria and Scotland.  Stimulating demand for digital services is key for groups in rural areas through projects such as the “flying shepherd” enabling farmers to track livestock using drones. Daniel has delivered telehealth projects to support carers and elderly people which rely on good connectivity in Northumberland and Cumbria.  The 5GRIT project is a UK Government testbed for 5G services which will aim to extend the capability of drones using 5G technologies for smart agriculture and is managed by Daniel.  He was a founder member of Independent Networks Co-operative Association and Community Broadband Network and is a Director of both organisations.  He is the company secretary for Charge my Street, a new social enterprise delivering electric vehicle charging points in rural areas in partnership with community buildings and renewable energy providers.  

  • Amr Hegazy
  • Kevin Hegerty
    Radio portfolio strategy manager
  • Barry Hellewell
    Electric Future