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  • Hugh Gowdy
  • David Grace
    Head of Communication Technologies Research Group
    University of York
  • Gabriele Gradoni
    Assistant Professor
    University of Nottingham
  • Derek Graham
    Scottish Futures Trust
  • Adrian Grant
    Project Officer
    Wiltshire Council
  • Andrew Grant
  • John Grant
    Nine Tiles

    John Grant chairs the ETSI Industry Strategy Group on Next Generation Protocols, which is working on new packet routing for 5G core and RAN, targeted at 3GPP Release 17. He has been designing digital networks since 1981 when he created local area networking technology which was used in both industrial and commercial environments. Since then he has created products for carrying video and audio over digital networks, including network switching equipment; this has given him an insight into the requirements of audio and other live media, which are very different from those for data traffic. More recently he has been researching how packet networking can meet these requirements as well as avoiding the various problems that have been identified with IP. He is a Fellow of the Audio Engineering Society and chairs their standards subcommittee SC-02 on digital audio. He is also editor of several international standards documents including ISO TR 29181-3 (Future Network switching and routing).

  • Nicola Grant
  • Rich Grant
    Milliamp Technologies
  • bonnie gray
  • Ciara Gray
    University of Brighton
  • Stephen Gray
    Digital First
  • Stephen Gray
    Digital First
  • George Grayland
  • Carroll Gray-Preston
  • Michael Grayson
  • Michael Grayson
    North Yorkshire County Council
  • Nigel Grayson
  • Sandro Grech
    Senior Consultant
    Cambridge Consultants
  • David Green
    Head of Digital
    Blenheim Palace
  • Lucy Green
    Programme Manager
    Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership
  • Mark Green
    Industry Technology Specialist
    Intel Corporation UK Ltd
  • Martin Green
    Business Development Director
  • Robert Green
  • Thomas Green
  • richard greenslade
    Coventry City Council
  • Stephen Greenslade
    Principal Solutions Architect
  • Tony Greenway
  • Oliver Greenwood
    R&D Manager
    ThermoFisher Scientific
  • Isabelle Gregory
  • Robert Gregory
  • Paul Gribben
    Belfast City Council
  • Dan Griffiths
    Skills and Growth Company
  • Hannah Griffiths
    Senior Consultant - Digital Cities

    Hannah is a member of Arup's Digital Cities Team where she advises public and private sector stakeholders how they can use digital connectivity, technology and innovative business models to drive economic growth and create more sustainable, efficient and liveable places.

    Over the past 5 years, she has utilised her market analysis, business case development and project management skills to support Government departments and agencies (DCMS and Innovate UK) design and deliver their trial and test bed programmes. She was the lead author on the Future Cities Catapult’s Global Review of Smart City Demonstrators which summarises successes and lessons learned from over 200 test bed and trial projects. 

    Her 5G expertise has been developed through delivering advisory services to national and international fixed and mobile telecommunication operators. In particular, she has assessed the readiness of structural portfolios to host 5G infrastructure and analysed business plans to ensure sufficient provisions are being made to accommodate 5G in the future. 

    Hannah has previously worked at Accenture and the Future Cities Catapult, the UK Government's Urban Innovation Centre in various management consulting and market analysis roles.   

  • Hannah Griffiths
    Head of Marketing & Sales
    Heart of Worcestershire College
  • John Griffiths
    Secure Sensor Innovative Design Ltd
  • Lauren Griffiths-Norbury
    Business Relationship Officer
    University of Kent
  • Heidrun Grob-Lipski
    IT Architect
  • Elizabeth Grose
  • Ali Groves
    Customer Success
    TM Forum
  • Ian Groves
  • Ben Grubb
  • Roman Grzonka
    CyberVector Limited
  • Liliana Grzybowska
    Development Producer
    Verizon Media Group
  • Chao Gu
    Senior Research Engineer
    Queen's University Belfast
  • Chris Guerin
  • Roberto Guglielmi
  • Kitty Guillaume
  • Roger Guinee
    Principal Experience Architect
  • Catherine Gull
    Head of Business Development