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  • Kiat How Tan
  • Michael Tanis
  • John Tapsfield
    Senior Project Manager
  • Kieran Tarpey
    Entrust Services
  • Anas Tawileh
  • Amy Taylor
    Team Leader Strategic Projects
    Blaenau Gwent CBC
  • Anna Taylor
  • Bev Taylor
  • Chris Taylor
    Rural Broadband Project Manager
    Shropshire County Council

    Background - Local Government Finance/Computer Audit/ICT Programme Management/Contract Management


  • Kevan Taylor
    Senior Programme Manager
  • Kevin Taylor
    Communications Consultant

    I have worked supporting companies in the mobile networking space for more than 30 years.  At BT I worked on the launch of (as it was then called) Cellnet, before forming a specialist mobile PR consultancy in 1989. 

    After helping to lead that agency for 20 years - working with the GSMA, Motorola, IBM, ip.access and Lucent to name a few -I started my own consultancy supporting smaller companies, start-ups, other PR consultancies, and some leading telecoms websites, with consultancy, PR support and editorial content. 


  • Mike Taylor
  • Stephen Taylor
    Technology Scotland
  • Ian Teasdale
    VP Sales & Marketing
    Zeetta Networks
  • stephen temple
    Visiting Professor
    5GIC at University of Surrey
  • Dion Teng
  • Samuel Thampy
    Software Engineer
    Cambridge Communication Systems
  • Suresh Thangavel
    Worcestershire County Council
  • Jai Thattil
    Global Head of Marketing- 5G Services
  • james theobald
    Courtney 11
  • Christopher Theodoris
  • Sye Thevathas
    Wireless Concession Projects Manager
    City of London Corporation
  • Naveendra Thiyagarajah
    Foxeron Technologies
  • Rob Thomas
    3D Visual Marketing
  • Steven Thomas
  • Daniel Thompson
    Senior Client Partnership Manager
  • Felix Thompson
  • Gary Thompson
    Director of Development
    Staffordshire University

    Gary Thompson is Director of Development at Staffordshire University, with a strong background in Full Fibre Networks and 5G. He has a strong commercial and technical background spanning 25 years covering a range of Multi-Million Innovation, Digital and Economic Development programmes. 

    Recently working for Enterprise M3 Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) and the 5G Innovation Centre from the University of Surrey and other partners, he created a vision and strategy for a 5G Region.

    With Sir Terry Matthews and Simon Gibson of Wesley Clover created the original business case for "The Internet Coast" for the Swansea Bay City Region £1.3bn City Deal. He has worked as Chief Investment Officer for Liverpool City Region Combined Authority, and developed an International Internet Gateway and Multi-Terabit Fibre Spine plan for the Cardiff Capital Region.

    His early career with Marconi ignited his passion for communications systems and the way they connect people, places and their future prosperity to make the best of every available economic opportunity. 

    He is excited about the transformative affect communicating using Full Fibre Networks and 5G will have on the development of new economies in Future Energy Systems, Health and Precision Medicine, Autonomous Vehicles and Advanced Manufacturing.

  • Robert Thompson
  • Sally Thompson
    Launch International
  • Andrew Thomson
    SVP Digital Enablement
  • Stewart Thomson
    Digital Lead Transformation
    Southend on Sea Borough Council
  • Tim Thornton
  • Sundar Thovalai
    Solutions Architect
    Intel Corporation UK Ltd
  • Graham Thrower
    Head of Infrastructure and Investment
    Urban Foresight
  • Andy Thurman
    Omnisense Ltd
  • Susan Tilley
  • Stephen Timms
  • John Todd
  • Andrew Todman
    Age UK
  • Daniel Tofield
    Head of Wireless
    Samsung Electronics
  • Augusto Tomas
  • Charlotte Tomlinson
    Myriad Associates
  • Phillip Tomlinson
  • Kosta Totkov
    Head of ICT, Franchise Bidding
    Arriva UK Trains
  • David Trevelyan
    Forest Economic Partnership
  • Alok Tripathi
    Radio Design
  • William Trossell
    ScanLAB Projects

    Will is co-founder of ScanLAB Projects. He loves building new and extraordinary ways to expand our understanding of the material world. He graduated from the Bartlett School of Architecture but has been somewhat sidetracked as a creative technologist. With a keen interest in how the digital and its augmentation might impact our cultural heritage Will has working closely with Museums and World Heritage Sites around the world.

  • Paul Trubridge
    Dense Air Limited