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  • Simon Steggles
  • Yuval Stein
  • Julian Stephens
    Technical Development Manager

    Part of the MJC² team for more than 20 years, designing and implementing real-time transport and production scheduling solutions for some of the largest logistics, manufacturing and supply chain organisations in the World, including parcel networks, bulk tanker operations, construction, food manufacturing and retail.

    Current R&D interests include new optimisation and machine intelligence algorithms for synchro-modal logistics, real-time manufacturing and global supply chain resilience. 

    Before joining MJC² I studied Physics at Cambridge University, completing a PhD in the Optoelectronics Group, focussing on novel polymers for LED and photovoltaic appplications.

  • Paul Stephens
    Sector Investment Manager
    Department for International Trade
  • Richard Stevenson
    Telecoms Commercial Lead
  • John Steward
  • Alan Stewart
  • Ben Stewart
    Caution Your Blast
  • Mark Stileman
    Bid and Competitions Manager
    Ordnance Survey
  • Andrew Stirling
    Larkhill Consultancy
  • Peter Stoker
    Chief Engineer, Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

    Peter started in the auto industry in 1983 in what was then the Austin Rover Group, after graduating from UMIST in Polymer Physics. His first position was in Trim & Hardware development. He left Rover Group for 5 years as a Tier 1, Webasto roof systems, before moving to GM Europe in Luton in 1992.  

    He was assigned to Japan for 3 years, on the launch of the Frontera and then he project managed the development of the AstraVan, for GME the first virtually developed vehicle derivative without prototypes. He became head of the Vehicle Engineering group in 2012, and Chief Engineer in 2017. 

    Peter led the successful bid for the Government’s Controlled urban CAV testbed, due to open in September 2019, and is the host for the Autoair DCMS 5G Transport testbed.

  • David Stokes
    Head of Products
  • Louise Stokes
    Digital Leaders
  • lorraine stone
    connected County Director
    Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership
  • Emma Stone
    University of the West of England
  • Casandra Strauss
    Senior Special Projects Manager
    BPI (British Recorded Music Industry)
  • Matthew Stringer
    Sales Manager
    Garland Partners Limited
  • James Strong
    Atomic Floyd
  • Deborah-Anne Strydom
    Senior expert - Contract Management
  • Kas Stucinskas
  • Iain Sturrock
    Commercial Advantage Limited
  • Soulla Stylianou
    Research Analyst
    MarketsandMarkets Pvt. Ltd.
  • John Sulola
    Business Development
    Tin Smart Social Ltd
  • Rayhana Sultan
  • Dr. Abhaya Sumanasena
    Managing consultant
    Real Wireless
  • Matt Summers
  • Andy Sutton
    Principal Network Architect
  • Claire Sutton
    Digital Transformation Lead
    National Care Forum
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  • James Swaffield
    Gate One
  • Charles Swan
    Sales Lead - Fibre and Broadband UK&I
  • Craig Swan
  • Phil Swan
    Greater Manchester Combined Authority
  • David Swapp
  • John Swarbrick
    Managing Director
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  • Ian Symington
  • Ian Symington
  • Chris Symons
    Operations Manager
    Glamorgan Telecom
  • David Syrad
    AKI Japan