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  • Sian Morgan
  • Rob Morland
  • Charles Morley
    Digital Marketing Executive
    Innovate UK
  • Craig Morley
  • Kurt Moroney
  • Caroline Morris
  • Donal Morris
  • Marc Morris
    Sales Manager
    Radio Design
  • Mike Morris
    Business Development Director
    Swann Engineering Group Ltd
  • Paul Morris
    Independent consultant
  • Stephen Morris
    Exsel Group
  • Alistair Morrison
  • Naomi Morrow
    Sunderland Software City
  • Ahmed Morsy
  • Ivan Morte i Tamayo
    Briteyellow xR
  • Neil Mortimer
    Head of Digital Health
    West Midlands Academic Health Science Network
  • David Moss
    Digital Programme Manager
  • Kevin Moss
    Sparta Digital
  • Paul Moss
    Director & Co-Founder

    Paul has more than 30 years experience bringing new technology products and services to market and has a number of industry firsts to his name, including launching the world’s first secure mobile banking service, revolutionising the UK mobile industry with the launch of the first SaaS entertainment portal with Virgin Mobile, and launching new 3G and 4G devices & services internationally with leading mobile operators including Vodafone, Telefonica & Orange.

    Paul has held senior sales management & strategic business development roles and grown domestic and international business for leading technology brands and innovative start-ups including Mercury, NEC, Toshiba, InfoSpace and RootMetrics (IHS Markit). 

    Paul is Director and Co-Founder of technology and innovation consulting firm provides a technology concierge service, delivering on the demand for tailored, laser-focused innovation scouting. We enable organisations to rapidly discover technologies to deliver operational and strategic transformation. 

    Paul has recently accepted an invitation to join UK5G's Connected Places Working Group.

  • Greg Mothersdale
    R&D Producer
    Cardiff University
  • Iulia Motoc
    R&D Technical Consultant
    Leyton UK
  • Adel Mounir
    Telecom Instructor
  • Dave Mountain
    Business Development contractor
    Amey UK plc
  • Richard Mountford
    Head of Commercial
  • vickerman Mr
    UK Partner
    Kudelski Security
  • mrRandallnuhWS mrRandallnuhWS
  • Andreas Mueller
    Head of Communication and Network Technology
  • Sara Mugnaini
    advance payload engineer
  • Andrew Muir
  • Stephen Muldowney
    Head of MET
  • Kathy Mulholland
  • Chandru Mullaparthi
    Managing Director
    Bluehouse Technology Ltd.
  • Heather Mullins
  • Alan Mulongo
  • Michael Mulquin
  • Joseph Muna
    Avanti Communications
  • Sandeep Munde
    Tech Mahindra
  • Derek Murden
    Highways Consultant
    iWireless Solutions Ltd
  • Andrew Murphy
    Business Development Manager
    London Southbank University
  • Chris Murphy
    Research Director, Location Intelligence
    VIAVI Solutions

    Chris has 20 years of commercial experience in telecommunications covering network performance measurement, optimization and SON, particularly in cellular RAN including LTE, UMTS, CDMA and 5G.  His focus has been on the modelling, simulation and optimization of next generation technologies to build a revenue stream early in the life cycle of each new generation of telecommunication systems.  He has contributed to various industry and standardisation bodies including 3GPP, NGMN, ATIS and the WiMAX Forum.

    Chris joined VIAVI through their acquisition of Arieso. Prior to that he worked for Motorola and Nokia developing new technical capabilities for the service portfolio.

    Chris holds a degree in Mathematics and Computing and a Ph.D. in the calibration of oceanic remote sensing satellites for improved models of climate change. He has authored various journal articles, conference papers and book chapters, most recently in "Understanding 5G: A Practical Guide to Deploying and Operating 5G Networks." Chris has filed 18 patent applications.

  • Peta Murphy
    Associate Dean Enterprise & Innovation
    Coventry University
  • Sean Murphy
    Evidential Ltd.
  • Anne Murray
    WPI Strategy
  • Jonathan Murray
    Communications Manager
    Scottish Futures Trust
  • Stuart Murray
  • Valon Mustafa
    Principal Planning Manager
    Mobile Broadband Network
  • Champion Muthle
    Founder & CEO
  • koen muysewinkel
    expert engineer
  • MyCharlesKetPT MyCharlesKetPT
  • Colin Myer