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  • 1-15 Clere Street London, England EC2A 4LJ, GB
  • Size: Small business (i.e. employing less than 250 people)
  • Sector: Consultancy

Adaptive-media is an original AI-based video and facial analysis format that uses deep neural network technology to adapt digital content naturally to the viewer in real-time based upon how they appear and how they react, just as humans instinctively adapt to each other.

Adaptive-media does not film, nor record and fully conforms to GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Regulation.

Adaptive-media has applications across many business verticals such as marketing, health, learning and finance. A-dapt is the world’s first adaptive-media consultancy offering facial and emotion analysis SDK technology and adaptive video content.

A-dapt is a start-up based in London and Paris.

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