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AttoCore is a Cambridge, UK, based SME which develops 4G and 5G mobile core software. AttoEPC is a 3GPP standards compliant EPC which can be deployed in 4G and 5G (non stand alone) networks, to perform the same mobile core network functions as the core network products developed by the major telecommunications network vendors, but at a fraction of the cost. AttoEPC has been implemented as virtual network functions, to operate on low end COTS servers, running the Linux operating system or to be embedded directly in radios. Its high quality, small footprint and low price points make it ideally suited to deployment at the network edge. It has application as an enterprise grade EPC, for private LTE, in applications such as those enabled by the US CBRS programme, or can be used for rural FWA application, including projects such as Chalke Valley. AttoEPC is also deployed with the UK emergency services, in partnership with cellXica and Excelerate and can be deployed in a military cell on wheels, or backpack. AttoCore also develops AttoEdge, a data offload application which can be deployed in Enterprise applications to implement SIPTO and LIPA compliant offload of data from scarce radio resources onto purpose built public internet and private data networks. AttoCore's route to market is through partnership with other equipment vendors and with systems integrators and AttoCore is a member of the 5G Innovation Network to advertise its availability for participation in projects which require a UK developed, cost effective, flexible and high quality mobile core product, suitable for adaptation and deployment in specialist network edge applications.

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