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Emtelle is a leading global manufacturer of blown fibre and ducted network solutions. We have a proven track record, and a reputation for exemplary customer service. We provide fibre solutions for 5G, LTE, FTTx and many other infrastructure sectors where fibre is required.
The history telecommunications and the nature of our company are intrinsically linked. As we have responded to changes in technology, market demand and customer expectation, our innovation, expansion, and development has in turn helped shape the industry.
We have not only evolved as a direct result of telecommunications. Our innovative and forward thinking approach to solving problems for customers has ensured we are a leading edge proponent of modern telecommunications for FTTX Solutions and a global market leader in multiple sectors.
When it comes to experience, production volume, and innovation, Emtelle is the industry leader in Fibre solutions for the telecommunication sector. Emtelle are one of the only manufacturers which supply ducted, blown fibre and connectivity soltutions.

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