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Framewire works with companies ranging from tech startups to corporates, developing their digital strategies, revenue growth, product management, marketing and investment

We provide services and advice focused on strategy, innovation, investment and digital technology.

Framewire supports tech start-ups, businesses, public organisations and corporates to produce great services that deliver value and growth and are credited as having one of the best networks of business connections in the tech sector which creates new opportunities for the organisations we support.

Providing clients with services including strategy design, revenue growth, investment, innovation, tech accelerator development, market insight, service delivery, event design & development, corporate innovation, thought leadership and digital design, we are commissioned by our clients to work at the centre of the global digital and tech sector.

We are experienced in the development of Mobile Application, Fintech, Internet of Things, Data, Data Analytics, Advertising, Social Media, Marketing, Gaming, Film, TV, Service & Digital Design.

Some of our commissions include:

  • Corporate Innovation Accelerator - Connecting Scotland's Tech Start-up sector into the leading global tech corporates investment programs
  • Fintech Strategy Development - Establishing an industry wide Fintech advisory panel for Global Financial Services business
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