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  • Size: Small business (i.e. employing less than 250 people)

At Jacobs, we solve the most important problems, the ones for the real world – making life simpler and more seamless along the way.

Each of us is united by the drive to dream big while keeping our feet planted firmly on the ground. We’re energized equally by the extraordinary as the seemingly mundane – finding nuggets of inspiration in sometimes routine places. And our shared curiosity means we look beyond for insights and ideas.

Our solutions are creative and influence how we live today as well as into tomorrow. We’re some of the smartest minds in the world, which means we always know there’s more to learn.

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Jacobs Key Contacts
  • Javier Inigo
    Principal Urban Designer
  • Tim Kooyers
  • Mark Mathews
    Senior Associate Stakeholder Engagement
  • Kurt Moroney
    Principal Consultant - Smart Infrastructure Advisory