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  • Size: Small business (i.e. employing less than 250 people)
  • Sector: Healthcare

who we are

We are the model region Our mission is to promote the digitization of rural areas, to integrate private households, small and medium-sized companies across the board and to develop cities into digitized service centers.

We bring companies, universities and experts from politics and administration together to work with you to develop processes that can provide digital value-added services for all rural user groups.

We specialize in rural strategies, intelligently networked regions and data analysis of rural broadband services. We use these skills to work on three core themes: integrated rural broadband services , sustainable spatial development and rural mobility .

We offer operators and service providers independent advice on the most effective products and services - both off-the-shelf and bespoke - to provide digital value-added services to help them plan the most effective use of their assets and investments. We are driving the digitization of rural value chains with innovative value-added services.

For the people in our region

In the model region , regional developers, data scientists, designers, developers, project managers and many others work together to imagine how digitization can be used to develop better living and working conditions for people in rural regions.

Our model region

We are one of eight model regions in the MORO digital program, which is managed by the Federal Institute for Urban and Spatial Development on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure. Model regions are designed to support innovation and economic growth in health and care services, digital administration and Industry 4.0 applications.

Model regions bring regional small and medium-sized companies with structurally weak regions to strengthening by developing the broadband infrastructure.

All model regions focus on transport systems, decentralized energy cycles, health and care services, digital administration and Industry 4.0 applications. They bring regional small and medium-sized companies together with international companies. In the late phase of research and development of integrated services, scientists and engineers work together to make new business ideas, products and services with high potential available to the economy of rural areas.

Hundreds of thousands of companies are hungry for growth and able to bring brilliant new products and services to the market. However, only a few have all the resources, know-how, equipment or contacts that they need to test their business ideas, new products and services together with partners in a rural region.

Our model region focuses on meeting the needs of these growth-hungry companies with the aim of commercially implementing pilot projects with accompanying research and marketing them nationwide. This reduces the risk for companies to try out innovative value-added services, accelerate their business development to create sustainable growth and thus expand the development of skills and knowledge base in rural regions.

We work on the basis of a non-profit business model and are interested in finding companies - large or small - in a network with regional user groups who jointly provide digital value-added services and want to use them in their value chains.

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