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Ordnance Survey

  • Adanac Drive, Southampton, United Kingdom, SO16 0AS
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  • Size: National UK public sector

Ordnance Survey (OS) is Great Britain’s mapping service for government, business and citizens. Our geospatial data serves the national interest by enabling a safe, healthy and prosperous society. Everything happens somewhere, and every day we support the delivery of efficient public services, support land management & planning, help protect our environment and underpin national security, infrastructure and emergency services. With our partners, we provide expertise and accurate location data and services to help create a resilient nation, ready for next-generation technology. We’re driven to ensure Britain can build a world-leading digital and connected economy of the future.

We believe location data is integral to every nation’s economy and infrastructure. It enables efficiencies in the commercial sector and improves end-to-end services in retail and finance, property, energy and utilities. With our partners, we innovate to support industry and find smarter ways to solve complex problems globally including resource management, urbanisation, population growth and prolonging the life of infrastructure networks. We use our expertise and capabilities internationally to help governments build better communities, make their nations more resilient, improve tenure security, increase sustainable development, grow economies and improve quality of life for millions of people.

Our data adds value across multiple emerging markets that are supported by connectivity, mobility and city infrastructure. This includes 5G and autonomous vehicles as well as provision of geospatial data in support of the Digital Twin.

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