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  • Size: Small business (i.e. employing less than 250 people)

Designed for urban spaces and last-mile deliveries, PeddleSmart’s range of FlexiQuad vehicles are Carbon Neutral and offer high capacity, interchangeable delivery trailers. Manufactured in Scotland and available to pre-order for early 2020, they are a low-cost, healthy and planet-friendly way to transport people, products and things, and help to overcome transport challenges identified in urban city development programs.

Better for businesses: For urban deliveries, and particularly as an alternative to traditional bike delivery systems, FlexiQuad offers more than double the delivery capacity per person; meanwhile the detachable trailer system enables pre-loading. Efficiency, reduced overheads and maximised capacity all help to ensure FlexiQuad is the smarter choice for any delivery function and you don’t need any special licenses, tax or permits for them to be in operation. FlexiQuad accessories are interchangeable so just one vehicle can adapt between moving freight, people, hot or cold food, or tools and equipment. The vehicles can travel at 15.5mph, have a 40-mile radius and a rapid charging time. As an added bonus, certain businesses and local authorities will qualify for grant-funding to be an early-adopter of PeddleSmart vehicles.

Better for bikers: Rider safety is important and a PeddleSmart fleet helps reduce risks. The larger vehicle design increases the vehicle footprint and stability on the road compared with a traditional bike, meanwhile reflective paintwork improves visibility to other road users. What’s more, the enclosed cab design delivers rider comfort in bad weather.

Better for the planet: With urban pollution, noise pollution and the climate crisis all pressing issues at the moment, savvy businesses are switching to lower-carbon solutions to take advantage of cost-savings, tax reductions and better customer perception. The FlexiQuad range is carbon neutral and uses pedal-power with electric assist to ensure deliveries are fast and efficient to

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